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SPF Directors Reprove Supporters of Paul Hill

“But let none of you suffer as a murderer…”
- 1 Peter 4:15

STARKE, FLORIDA- SPF Assistant Director Ruben Israel and World Wide Director Ron McRae, along with Texas State Director Al Rodriguez traveled to Starke, Florida to preach at the execution of convicted murderer Paul Hill on Wednesday, September 3, 2003, and were received with the usual anticipated hatred from “false brethren” (Galatians 2:4/ 2 Corinthians 11:26), who think it righteous to “do evil that good may come, whose damnation is just” (Romans 3:8). The biblically ignorant Presbyterian Paul Hill became the first professing child of God to be executed for by this country for the crime of murder in the name of his god.

Hill was condemned to die for the July 29, 1994, shooting deaths of the chief sinner John Bayard Britton, an abortion doctor and his sorry excuse for a body guard, Lt. Colonel James Herman Barrett, outside the Ladies Center in Pensacola, Florida. Barrett’s elderly wife was also wounded.

“Oh let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end.”
-Psalm 7:9

Nevertheless, though Hill thought he did God a service, he followed other misguided “disciple[s] of Jesus, but secretly”, after the order of Joseph of Arimatheaea (see John 19:38), who naively think that since someone is ordained to do the dirty work, it might as well be them (see Isaiah 53:9/ Matthew 27:57-60), and perish in the process. God Almighty prophesied that His Blessed Son would “make his grave with the wicked”, but God did not need a disciple to fill the bill with “his own new tomb, which he had hewn” for himself (Matthew 27:60). What made Joseph think he was helping Jesus Christ by volunteering for the job of “the wicked”, falls just as short of Biblical holiness as Paul Hill fell from “professing Christian” to “convicted murderer”. “But let none of you suffer as a murderer” (1 Peter 4:15), never has entered Paul Hill’s mind, or the minds of his stupid followers as applying to anything that they might do, as long as they felt justified in doing it in the name of their lousy and cheap Christianity. Joseph of Arimathaea obviously never thought that his funeral parlor service to God would for all eternity identify his discipleship to Christ as being “the wicked” of Isaiah 53:9. Ditto for the manslayer, Paul Hill.

SPF Assistant Director Ruben Israel
“This man (Paul Hill) became exactly what he preached against.”

Said SPF Director McRae, “Paul Hill dies today like Abner died. The Bible says of Abner the son of Ner, ‘Died Abner as a fool dieth’ (2 Samuel 3:33). Paul Hill dies a fool today. He is no martyr! He is no Christian! Paul Hill is a murderer, and the Bible says, “ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him” (1 John 3:15). And though the followers of this manslayer would contradict and argue otherwise, the facts stand for all eternity.

The morning Paul Hill decided to ignore the sixth commandment, as much as the first, this professing saint, accosted the sinner Britton, with his sinful companions Mr. and Mrs. Barrett as they entered the clinic’s parking lot. Hill had purchased a new shotgun, and went to the range to practice firing it, so that he could hit his target. Then with malice and premeditation, the ‘christian Presbyterian minister’ fired his shotgun directly into the head and arm of Dr. Britton, scattering brains and gore into the air, and across the parking lot and the victim’s car. Then calmly reloading, this Sunday School minister fired again, blowing apart Lt. Colonel Barrett’s head, and arm, and also wounding the elderly wife of his assailant, sending these two sinners to hell early, while scattering human flesh, blood, brains and gore everywhere.

“For the Son of man is not come to destroy men’s lives,
but to save them.”
-Luke 9:56

No child of God can justify such horrendous violence in the name of Jesus Christ. Even Jesus Christ rebuked Peter for his offensive use of the sword (John 18:10, 11), and Peter never forgot the lesson, writing in his latter years, “But let none of you suffer as a murderer” (1 Peter 4:15). But we are supposed to remain silent while fools bray that this hypocritical, cold blooded murderer is now a martyr for Jesus Christ.

SPF Director Ron McRae
“Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners, Not kill them!”

Explained the Director, “abortion is not caused by Physicians. That dirt bag bunch just makes their livings off of abortion. The cause of abortion is fornication and adultery. There is no other cause! But to murder the sinner that makes his living off the sin of fornicators, while ignoring the fornication is the height of willful blindness. No one kills out of love. Hatred fuels murder, and God looks down from heaven and says, “Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer” (1 John 3:15). But these little self conceited religious block heads cannot see that a person is a murderer long before he pulls the trigger. You are not a sinner because you commit sin. You commit sin because you are sinner. You are not whore because you commit whoredom. You commit whoredom because you are a whore. Ditto for the murderer. The murderer kills because he is a murderer, and Paul Hill demonstrated that truth to the blasphemy of God Almighty, and be sure his sin has found him out.”

After murdering two sinners for whom Christ died, thinking he was protecting a sinner that had not yet lived (see Genesis 2:7/ Ephesians 2:1), the “ex-Presbyterian minister” put down his gun, “because he didn’t won’t to be shot by the police”. John Britton and James Barrett did not want to be shot by Paul Hill. The innocent souls of unborn babies do not want to be torn apart by the John Brittons. Can Christians not see that the first two are the same, and the only innocent one is the tiny soul that has not yet lived?” Said Assistant Director Israel, “This man became exactly what he preached against. He is a hypocrite…He is a murderer! God hates sin ... God is not having a double-standard. When He says 'no murder,' He means 'no murder.' We are Christians that are offended that Paul Hill wants to claim the name of Christ and kill people."

After Paul Hill had blown two sinners into hell, he stated to the arresting officers, “I know one thing, no innocent babies are going to be killed in that clinic today.” Prior to his execution as an unrepentant murderer, Hill said, "I expect a great reward in heaven. I am looking forward to glory. I don't feel remorse…more people should act as I have acted." Said Texas State Director Al Rodriguez, “the man is in hell by more evidence than will prove he is in heaven.

Final Admonistion